Good Riddance to Twitter Spammers, Impersonators, and Serial Abusers!

Jennifer Van Grove from Mashable recently posted a great article on a list of 10 people that we will no longer see on Twitter anymore. This comes after Twitter recently announced changes to its terms of service, in an effort to crackdown on bad behavior on the site. Here's a list of the 10 people we will no longer see, as detailed by Jennifer on Mashable.

1. The Impersonator
2. The Bot
3. The Naked Chick
4. The Serial Abuser
5. The Squatter
6. The Slimy Salesman
7. The Hashtag Spammer
8. The Plagiarizer
9. The Uber Oversharer or Bully
10. The Faker

Which are you most excited about never seeing again?


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