Google vs. Bing: What's Your Choice?

Jennifer Van Grove recently posted on Mashable 5 reasons why one should switch over from Google to Bing. Bing is the fastest growing search engine which currently holds 10.7% of the search market compared to Google's 65% dominance. Here's a recap of 5 Bing features that separate it from the rest of search engines.

1. Travel Insight - Bing's farecast technology shows you when you search if airfare prices are expected to stay the same, get cheaper, or rise in price depending on market trends,
2. Cashback - The benefit here for consumers is that if they start their product search on Bing, they are able to save and cash in on rewards when they buy.
3. Visual Search - This alternative user interface allows you to search when you can't recall the name of something and it's a more powerful way to uncover valuable information.
4. BingTweets - Trending topics on twitter are shown side-by-side with Bing search results.
5. Enhanced Search - The enhanced view is a simple addition that gives more information on your result ensuring that the URL isn't relevant your search result.


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