What can social media do for your business?

The MetroWest Daily News' Jeff Adair recently spoke with Bob Cargill, the Direct Marketer of the Year for 2009, recently commented on what social media can do for a business, from building more connections between the brand and customers to what the most effective social media tool is. Cargill believes social media is here to stay and not a fad, as it is on track to become more used than any other electronic communication.

Cargill also added this about how it enhances your in-person encounters with your customers:
"Yes, absolutely. Social media shouldn’t replace face-to-face meetings. Ideally, it should lead to even more physical encounters. It should help you make connections online with people who ultimately become customers and friends offline. There’s even a word for meetings between two or more people who have met on Twitter. It’s called a Tweetup. "

Read the full article here.


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