Chicago Bulls and Social Media

Sports fans are passionate and feel a natural sense of connection with each other. As the web turned social it created a new way for fans to share the highs and lows of a season with each other. The question was not "Are Bulls fans interacting online?" but rather "How do we further encourage and enhance that interaction while creating additional revenue opportunities?"

Not only was, BullsTV implemented, but a new initiative was created, BullsConnect. From the Chicago Bulls website, BullsConnect the ultimate place for Bulls fans to connect with one another, the new official social network website of the Chicago Bulls. Built using the latest cutting-edge social media tools from Pluck, fans can register at for free, create their own Bulls fan profile, upload and share photos and videos displaying their fandom, write their own blogs on the Bulls, and participate in message boards. In addition, the Pluck technology makes it possible for fans to connect with each other on BullsConnect as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Discuss how through new digital initiatives, the Bulls created a more positive fan experience AND increased revenue opportunities with Jeremy Thum, Director of Interactive Marketing, Chicago Bulls on Tuesday afternoon, May 4th at Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies in Boston.

What other sports teams are utilizing the power of social media?


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