Are Women are "Addicted" to Facebook?

The Guardian reports that one third of women check Facebook when they first wake up. Other reports tout that 39% Of Young Women Are Facebook Addicts and Study: More Than One-Third Of Women 'Addicted' To Facebook. Is this surprising?

The reports go in detail to discuss how women use Facebook for not only relationship but as a way to find out news and information about products that they like. reports that, according to a recent study from rich-media provider Unicast, women age 18-24 are more receptive to online advertising in various formats than the overall population -- and are particularly interested in localized information, surveys, social media formats and downloadable content. asked it's audience if they are really "addicted" to Facebook like the news outlets claimed in their reports. The responses are still pouring in by the leading response is, "
My Facebook consumption is moderate and nicely under control thank you."

Even if women are "addicted" to Facebook - is it such a bad thing? We'd like to hear your thoughts.


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