Digital River gets serious about social media tracking reports that companies looking to streamline their social media reporting now have a new way to track and manage their social media reach. According to the report, Digital River is debuting is SocialStream technology that can send any product promotion or other announcements through their Facebook and Twitter accounts and receive reports on how much traffic and revenue they generated, conversion rates, and other metrics such as revenue per visitor, says Jim Wehmann, senior vice president of global marketing at Digital River. The company may add other social media sites, such as YouTube, to SocialStream in the future. Digital River would not reveal the cost of the tool and said it is based on negotiations with each client. Experts say this kind of tracking capability is likely to become a standard feature in e-commerce systems.

Although we don't know the costs involved - do you think its is a viable way to track and measure ROI on social media? Would you or your company consider investing in this service? Let us know @community20


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