Free Webinar – These Insidious SEO Myths Are Costing You Money

Here’s an SEO webinar from one of our sister events Performance Marketing Expo that I thought our community 2.0 readers would be interested in. Stephan Spencer, VP, SEO Strategies for Covario and PME speaker, will be presenting an hour long web seminar on Thursday August, 5th from 2-3pm EDT.

Here’s a quick recap of what the webinar is all about:

Myths are prevalent in the SEO industry, in part because someone’s job or reputation is tied up with a myth that may have been at one point true. It’s time to squash these persistent pesky myths. The misinformation and disinformation are doing everyone and the industry as a whole a disservice. Join SEO expert Stephan Spencer as we crank through a collection of the most costly myths and put them to rest once-and-for-all. The mythology Stephan will address spans everything from SEO automation to meta tags, keyword density, Flash, forms, CSS, “free” traffic, and much more!

Register below for the webinar, hope to “see” you there!


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