Facebook Ad Sales to Hit $1.2 Billion This Year reports that Facebook will soon it $1.2 billion dollars in ad sales. A new estimate from eMarketer says the company will book $1.285 billion in global advertising alone this year, almost double the estimated $665 million the company took in last year. That figure doesn't include Facebook's so-called virtual currency trade, which would nonetheless account for a fraction of the company's overall business. Edmund Lee writes, even though many in the industry bandy about "social" as a wide-ranging category, Facebook is the only significant player in the space, and its clear supremacy has triggered more speculation over a potential IPO, once thought to be a possibility in 2010.

Any surprises here? Let us know!


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Amitha Amarasinghe said...

I compare FB ads against Google's content network, but not against the search network. Compared to search ads, I believe FB ads are not still as much as effective.

But, when compared against Google's content network, FB ads proves to be much more effective with more relevant (and reliable)targeting options available. FB should keep improving these targeting options. For example, I'd love to have an option to target 'John Does Friends' on John Doe's birthday! (right now, you can target only John Doe, on his birthday)