Mayo Clinic to launch center for social media reports the Mayo Clinic will soon open a center for social media. According to the Social Media Center's website, the Social Media Center is a first-of-its-kind social media center focused on health care, builds on Mayo Clinic’s leadership among health care providers in adopting social media tools, which began with podcasting in 2005. Mayo Clinic has the most popular medical provider channel on YouTube and more than 60,000 “followers” on Twitter, as well as an active Facebook page with well over 20,000 connections. With its News Blog, Podcast Blog and Sharing Mayo Clinic, a blog that enables patients and employees to tell their Mayo Clinic stories, Mayo has been a pioneer in hospital blogging. According to, the center will be run by about eight people and will receive $800,000 in annual funding to start, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. While Mayo will charge other hospitals for consulting and giving out advice, the primary goal is to improve social media use within its own walls.

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Mayo Clinic aims to accelerate online presence with new social media center

Mayo Clinic to launch center for social media


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