AAA, Bank of America, eBay, Kraft & more Share Social Media Strategies for Success

This year, there's only one place where you can find the tools and strategies you need to drive business through social media – The 2011 Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Conference. From social media newbies to seasoned veterans, this is the one conference that covers it all.

Highlights of Social Media & Community 2.0 2011:

Social Media 101
oRefresh your social media skills and perfect your social engagement. Strengthen the social media strategy for your company. Speaking companies include: AAA, Microsoft Advertising, MTV, Social Media Club and more.

NEW! Social Gaming
o Explore a new realm of social behavior and dig deeper into the virtual world of gaming. Speaking companies include: Ayeah Games, Epic Games, Meblur Inc., SEGA of America and more.

Strategy / Socialize Your Brand
o Help define your realm of expertise and ensure that content is produced in-line with the goal of your brand. Make social media a core part of your business. Speaking companies include: CareerBuilder, eBay, Kraft, Unilever and more.

Operations / Adopt the Practice
o From execution to creating extraordinary platforms - efficiently operationalize social media & community across businesses. Speaking companies include: Bank of America, General Motors, TripAdvisor, Yahoo! and more.

Results / Measure Success
o Connect and integrate the profitability portion into your program. Measure the things that matter to your company. Speaking companies include: ABC Disney, American Family Insurance, The Huffington Post, NBC Universal, and more.

Download the brochure for the full agenda and session descriptions.


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Samantha said...

Looks like this conference is worth checking out. Will they provide video conferencing? I'm looking forward to more updates.

Unknown said...

Outsource SEO - No, we do not have video conferencing. Join us in Boston to meet with everyone in person!