New! Your Conference ROA: (Return On Attendance) Tool

January is the time to reflect on last year and plan for 2011. We know that we all think of ways to better ourselves, and professional development is a big part of this growth. One way to start growing is to invest in a conference. We know there is a big investment in both time and money when attending a conference. People have been asking us for years, how to help sell a conference to their management team. Here are a couple of suggestions:

• INSPIRATION: Remind your management that an inspired strategy often comes from being in the midst of other practitioners to brainstorm and think wild and crazy!
• PROBLEM SOLVING: In the unofficial networking that happens around an event, is hugely valuable and not something that you can get from online case studies and webinars. We have heard from hundreds of conference attendees that this is one of the most important parts of the event.
• KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE: We never know what we don’t know… however, seeing engaging case studies, techniques for measuring, the latest and greatest platforms and vendors keeps you on the cutting edge and makes sure you are in the know.
• KEEP THAT NETWORK FOR LATER: What happens next time you are stuck on how to do something? Now you have a broad network of contacts within the industry to reach out to have the one-on-one conversations about getting un-stuck! It is hugely helpful to have that outsider’s opinion sometimes!

In addition, we have created this little formula and toolkit to help put a value assessment to the things you learn and gain from a conference.

Everyone who walks into our conference is given a proprietary formula along with a toolkit. Those not reaching desired ROA prior to the conclusion of the event are instructed to speak with the conference director on-site who will ensure enough contacts; ideas and information value are achieved. Together we will calculate and calibrate success.


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