How the NCAA regulates Social Media

Earlier in the week, Mashable posted an interview they had conducted with Ronnie Ramos, NCAA’s managing director of communications, to discuss how they are monitoring and regulating the evolving world of social media and how it's players, coaches and other officials can use the medium to communicate.

A few interesting facts about their social media regulation:
  • - The NCAA creates the regulations and each individual NCAA institution is responsible for enforcing the guidelines
  • -Each school can also create regulations, for example Duke's student athletes are allowed to use Twitter while football players at the University of Miami can't
  • -Coaches are not allowed to recruit through Facebook pages, but they are allowed to use Facebook messages and Direct Tweets on Twitter, as they are regulated like emails

At Social Media and Community 2.0 Strategies taking place this April 4-6, 2011, in Boston, MA, a panel of professionals from Dell, Citi, Kodak and Powered Inc will be discussing Marketing Strategy: Building a Private Community vs. Open Platform, which showcases many of the issues the NCAA faces every day looking at what communications can be had on which platforms. Download the brochure today to find out more about this presentation and the rest of the program!


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