#muconf11 Live: Day Two, Measuring the Marketing Mix

Today we enjoyed another great day of the Measure Up conference. The #muconf11 twitter stream continued to provide key insights into the great conversations happening in Boston.

In the spirit of yesterday's post on the twitter analytics of the day, I decided to do another quick analysis using two of my favorite free online tools for social media measurement, Social Mention and Klout.

Social Mention is an excellent tool for taking the pulse of a conversation on twitter. It includes metrics such as sentiment, number of mentions, number and names of authors, number of retweets and more. You can see the #MUCONF11 analysis here.

Our top users are largely the same as yesterday, but we did hear from a few new voices (welcome!) Another one of the great aspects of Social Mention is that it allows you to export a excel sheet of top users and keywords amongst other stats (certainly helpful when presenting social media results within the company.)

The presentation "Using Analytics to Drive Revenue: Placing an Exact Value on Your Sponsorship’s “Added Value”" by Greg DePalma of Tivo was perhaps our most buzzed about today.

vdeval: would be interesting to overlay social media data with TiVo slides on most rewound commercials during super bowl #MUConf11

GuyPowell: Cool to have a lot of TIVO data to analyze #MUCONF11

Next I took a look at the @MeasureUpIIR Klout score. Klout is a fun tool that allows you to measure not just your own network, but your network's ability to influence the networks of those connected to it.

As you can see the impact of the live event is having a positive impact in Klout for @MeasureUpIIR

Perhaps more importantly, our Amplification Probability continues to grow.
This score measures the chances of our messages being shared or retweeted. As we learned yesterday:
johnlovett: Value of a FB fan: It's not the "like"; they're already your fans. It's the Friends of Fans where the real growth oppty lies #MUCONF11

Having a high or growing chance of amplification means more reach for your brand, as fans are more likely to become brand evangelists for you to their networks. Do you use Klout or other tools to measure your social influence? Share with us in the comments, or check in again tomorrow for Day 3 of #muconf11.

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at


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