#MUCONF11: Rounding Up Measure Up

In the wake of the 2011 Measure Up conference we are newly energized to begin integrating and measuring social media marketing.

Over on the Chadwick Martin Bailey Research Blog Brian Neville-O'Neill, CMB's Content Marketing Manager, rounded up his top four takeaways from the conference:

1) “Complexity” and “social” are tightly coupled.

2)Location based marketing has potential (and is in the business of “manufacturing serendipity").

3)Brands need everyone on board, not just marketers.

4) Being “in the game” and just “being social” isn’t enough anymore. You need to engage.
Visit the blog to view the whole post. What would you say are your biggest take-aways from this year's Measure Up event? Is there anything you will be doing differently with your social media strategy as a result of the conference?

If you attended, stay tuned to your email. An executive summary with comprehensive information about the event will be headed your way soon.

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