Forward Focus Friday: An Interview with Scott Trowbridge of Disney Imagineering

Reposted from The Front End of Innovation blog in support of the 2011 Future Trends conference. Future Trends 2011 will feature a full day summit focusing on social media, technology, mobile and gaming trends on Tuesday October 4th entitled "THE NEW SOCIAL CURRENCY: Engage in the Relationship Economy." To learn more about Future Trends, visit the website here.

When you go to work, are you looking forward to another day of making dreams become reality? Scott Trowbridge, Vice President of Creative and Research & Development at Walt Disney Imagineering is.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Scott for the debut podcast of our 2011 Forward Focus Podcast Series. When asked what his dream project to get to work on would be, Trowbridge responded, "Every project we do is a dream project, because that is what we're in the business of doing: making dreams come true."

Trowbridge also described Disney Imagineering as "constantly looking at ways to invent the Future for our customer." Following in the footsteps of innovator Walt Disney, the team at Disney Imagineering starts every day with a challenge to figure out "what are the cool new things that we can use to be proxies for magic."

To learn more about the ways that Disney Imagineering meets the challenges of evolving technology and customer trends, listen to the podcast here.

Scott Trowbridge will be presenting "Imagine(er) It: Creativity in Innovation/Research and Development" this October at the Future Trends 2011 conference. Want to hear one of the minds behind Imagineering's Blue Sky Studio, the Disney creative think tank that develops new concepts and experiences that may not be seen for five to 10 years? Register today.

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