Now Streaming Sports: Will Facebook Revolutionize The Way We Watch?

Do you "Like" Soccer? Budweiser UK is betting that you will, introducing the first live streaming sporting event to be broadcast on Facebook today with the FA Cup match between Ascot United and Wembley FC.

According to this post on The Sociable "'Ascot United has a capacity ground of just 1,150 people, so live streaming the game to potentially millions of Facebook users will be a real boost to the club.' Mick Harrison, Ascot United chairman stated"

The live stream will likely be a boost for sponsor Budweiser as well as fans click "Like" to access the stream. Streaming video isn't a new development for Facebook. Studios such as Universal and Warner Brothers have been playing with the idea of allowing video rental through Facebook pages since this past spring, with "The Big Lebowski" to mark the latest addition. However, the FA Cup match will be the first example of a live sporting event streamed in this manner.

Will you be tuning in? Have you ever streamed video content on Facebook before? Do you think this development will change fans expectations for Facebook pages?


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