Find Out How Digital Millennials are Reshaping Future Business

Millennials are on the way to becoming one of the most influential generations in history. They've changed the game - from the way organizations communicate with them, to the way they share their passions and opinions, Millennials are reshaping the way that companies are doing business.

At Millennial Mega Mashup you will find the insights you need to win this new generation of influencers and understand what matters most to them, and translate that into strategic action for your organization.

Here's just a few of the digital and social sessions you'll hear at Millennial Mega Mashup:

Action Sports (X Games) Social Media Content Strategy, ESPN Global X Events & Development

Digital Millennials and New-stalgia, Pulp Lab

i shop at the mall: The Paradox of Retail, Demand, e-Shopping and i-Behavior, Westfield LLC

Scavenger Hunt for Those Who Do, DoSomething.Org & Lenovo
Listen to a podcast with Greg Thomas, Campaigns Manager at DoSomething.Org for a sneak peek at insight into DoSomething’s SMS and Social outreach campaigns:

Unique to Millennial Mega Mashup:
• Hispanic Millennial Intensive offers a full day intensive on this important group, from "fusionistas" and bilingual influencers to Hispanic shoppers and cultural touchpoints

• TrenzWalk: Firmenich's Trenz Walking is a unique system to detect trends in their infancy (mostly 3-4 years before they globally manifest themselves). It allows not only signaling the new trends early, but business opportunities, from branding to product development to delivery.

• From the Mouths of Millennials... We've brought back our interactive Live Focus Groups, where you can meet tweens and teens, hear what they have to say and ask your own specific questions.

Plus, when you register by this Friday, you will receive these exclusive benefits:
• A Copy of the Youth Mega Mashup 2011 Executive Summary
• A Copy of The Hunger Games Special Collector's Edition Book
• A Private Meet & Greet with the 2012 GennY Award Winner

Don't miss your chance to learn how to connect with the influential Millennial generation. Register today.

We hope to see you in Miami!
The Millennial Mega Mashup Team

P.S. Don't miss a special sneak peek of Neil Howe's keynote at the Millennial Mega Mashup! Join us for a complimentary web seminar where Neil will discuss the future of the Millennial Generation, as well as the role other generations will play in the future. Register here:

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