One month since TMMC: Do You Know Where Your Mobile Strategy Is?

It's been more than a month since we returned from The Mobile Marketing Conference and we wanted to check in on what you've been up to.

 Have you made sure all of your email marketing strategies are mobile optimized? Launched a new app or QR code campaign?

Share with us in the comments or email to submit a guest blog post about your strategy steps.


Meanwhile, the mobile world rolls on. Rumors of the next iPhone started spreading across the web, with major buzz pointing to "iWallet" a bigger, better display and better battery life. Gigaom named 2012 "The year mobile advertising starts to pay off" citing the increased viability of new targeting technologies and the growing importance of mobile to the customer on the go.

In keeping with what we heard at TMMC, many are turning to the emerging world as the next mobile market. This infographic spells it out nicely. Here in the US, marketers should continue to take into account the power of the "second screen." HBO's new show "Girls" debuted with roughly "one in every five viewers on... [a] computer or mobile device talking about it." Many were even able to take in the live concert experience on their screen with Coachella streaming live.

What's new in your mobile world? Let us know.

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