Call for Submissions Now Open: The Media Insights & Engagement Case Study Competition

The Media Insights & Engagement Conference announces a call for submissions for the Case Study Competition.

At the first annual Case Study Competition & Awards, three jury selected finalists will present innovative, results-driven methodologies and applications from field-tested research. Based on a combination of jury and audience votes, the winning case study will be announced before the end of the conference. The Case Study Competition is open to all marketing insights, intelligence and research analysts, managers, directors, vice presidents, suppliers and consultants.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, December 5, 2014. For complete information, including submission details, judging criteria and entry form, please click here:

We encourage you to pass this announcement to any individuals or groups who you feel would be potential candidates for this competition.
To learn more about The Media Insights & Engagement Conference, visit our website:

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The Media Insights & Engagement Conference Team

Amanda Ciccatelli

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