Can You Think Like Google and Amazon?

What would Google or Amazon do if they purchased your company?  What would happen if they entered your industry?

We are proud to Introduce DISRUPT, a unique one day strategy accelerator,  taking place on December 3rd, 2014 in Chicago, at the offices of Leo Burnett.

DISRUPT brings together executives across disciplines to uncover the major forces impacting the B2C world. Our intelligence lead Dr. Hitendra Patel in combination with our expert industry facilitators will help you create a future action plan to adapt to industry disruptors, and ensuring your business remains relevant, by rethinking your current business model and unveiling areas for growth. 

Visit the website for more information:

This Strategy Accelerator will help you:
  • Learn how to apply powerful techniques of disruption to help your business stay at the leading edge
  • Uncover how these strategies work and, more importantly, what tactics you need to employ to achieve strategic disruption
  • Leave with an action plan tailored to your business that will help you lead your company through creative disruption into competitive advantage.

View the full agenda here:

Meet your Intelligence Lead:

Dr. Hitendra Patel
Managing Director, IXL Center
Chairman of the Innovation and Growth Program, Hult International Business School

Dr. Patel has helped over 50 global companies and their executive teams build innovation capabilities and get innovation results. He has helped drive innovation transformation initiatives at companies like Johnson Controls, Hewlett Packard, LG,, CEMEX, Cadbury, Verizon, and P&G. He understands how to make innovation real from the top-down and bottom-up in complex and large organizations. Read his full bio here:

Join us as we prepare you for the future of your business.



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