Facebook puts fizz in Coke

Have you become a Facebook Fan of Coca-Cola? If not, you're missing out on one of the largest groups in Facebook, only a few members behind President Obama. Interestingly enough, Coke's rise to Facebook Fan stardom didn't come from the Marketing Execs at Coke--but from page Dusty Sorg, a Los Angeles-based actor, who maintains it with his friend Michael Jedrzejewski, a writer. According to the, What spurred the enormous growth remains something of a mystery. There were already more than 200 Coke-related fan pages on Facebook. Michael Donnelly, Coca-Cola’s group director of worldwide interactive marketing, who had been monitoring the page since October, believes it may have been as simple as a good visual cue. “They chose a great image,” he says. “It was a high-resolution picture of a can of cold Coke, and it was just perfect.”

Read the full article on here.


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