Oh, Oprah.

In case you've been under a proverbial rock this past week, Oprah has joined Twitter. We decided to do a small observation yesterday in our office to look at the effect that Oprah has had on the Twitterati after just a few short days of joining the club. Using Monitter, we noticed that not only were people tweeting about signing up for Oprah but many were tweeting "Here before Oprah" to extract themselves from the loads of newbies following their afternoon talk show leader. More than anything, we noticed that tweeters were placing "Oprah" in ads for products, blog posts, conferences, etc. Oprah was a magic way to get followers, though I think that most of the new Oprah followers aren't quite sure how to aggregate tweets.

Marketers have long known that Oprah is magic for products, books, celebrities and even procedures. Oprah's seal of approval means more than Good Housekeeping, so how will this parlay into the social networking sphere? Will Oprah have a Facebook account, start her own Ning network, join Blogher and maybe even interview a troll or two on her show? Will her effect be magic or is Oprah everywhere but online?

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