10 common social media mistakes

  1. Posting a page and then walking away from it.
  2. Setting up a social media site if you’re paranoid.
  3. Spamming others with a constant stream of promo messages.
  4. Joining a social media network if you don’t understand how it works.
  5. Assuming social media networking can replace traditional advertising and public relations.
  6. Having a presence on every social network platform you come across.
  7. Expecting to realize direct sales.
  8. Thinking others will flock to you.
  9. Don’t think because it’s cost-free it isn’t expensive.
  10. Don’t assume it’s a “necessary evil.”

Any others that you'd add to the list?

10 common social media mistakes


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1 comment: said...

I like the "setting up a social media site if you're paranoid." and I'd add thin-skinned because you're going to hear it - good bad and indifferent.


Social media is a time investment; results are not instantaneous. Just as it's not enough to network by going to a party and standing in a corner, social networking is a relationship-building activity. One must put forth an effort. Signing up for a Twitter account and never tweeting does not a social media strategy make.

And lastly...
Not all social media or social networking sites are created equally. Figure out what you plan to use these amazing tools for and choose the one that best fits what you are trying to accomplish; whether that's using Facebook or a private online community.

Thanks for the list. Good, quick info.