What Are Your Social Media Goals?

Well? We talk about social media and its impact on your marketing campaign quite frequently on this blog; however, we'd like to ask you what your goals are for social media. Sure its easy to discuss case studies and to lead by example through the murky waters of social media; but what if your case is different--what if, you'd like to be the example and not just follow suit?

Liana Evans article, "What Are Your Social Media Goals?" in, spurred us to think hard about our own social media goals and the goals of every organization out there seeking to reach customers on a new level.

Along with providing a list of accountable goals, Evans also reminds us, A marketing director doesn't want to hear that you can't measure social media efforts. If you can come back with a concrete way to show success with your efforts by setting goals in the social media space you're working with, you're more likely to get greater support moving forward with more social media efforts.

So, what are your goals?


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