Real Life Social Media- Lessons learnt from Paris Hilton

I just saw Paris Hilton talking about her show "My new BFF" at the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Now I don’t have much in common with Ms Hilton. If I ran a show like my new BFF, I’d probably have to bribe my friends to be the contestants. But then, lately, I have had my share of 'hungry tigers' in the reality show that is my life.

I spent time with all of them (at many occasions - unreasonable amounts)- mostly because I felt I should if I could, and sometimes because of my foolhardy enthusiasm to meet people. (I forget I am not Paris Hilton with the luxury of riches).
And what inevitably happens is this: People contacted through referrals and friends or social networks- mostly looking for quick assistance- professional or otherwise- and then disappear- as if a literal vanishing cream has come out in the market that does the trick.

Now I do not expect anything from them. And am surely not fishing for gratitude or anything. But it had started happening too often in the past few months. And it seems being “professional” and being “social” are two mutually exclusive things.

Now here is the funny part- many of these guys are from the digital marketing industry or belong to a ’social media marketing’ set up.

Read more on the funny but ironical escapades with these guys- and if you have had your experiences with these people.


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