MTV translates on air programing to online

At NewTeeVee, they look at how MTV has used the MTV Movie Awards to both increase viewership and page visits. MTV started driving traffic the Thursday before the awards to build awareness. The night after the Awards aired, MTV edited clips and put them into viral, embeddable players on their website and monitored and took down any videos on YouTube from the event. The day after the show, they had 13.1 million streams and found that 3.1 million people watched the show online. In addition, they monitored popular social networking sites such as Twitter to see which parts of the show were drawing attention from the fans. They found that the Bruno/Eminem incident was popular, but also Kristen Stewart dropping her Popcorn and the New Moon Trailer proved to be favorites of the viewers. Watch the entire show here.

What can companies learn from this? What are you doing to make your content viral?


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