How Important is Social Media in a Marketing Plan?

Today we're featuring a great discussion happening over on our LinkedIn group, Future Trends. If you've not joined Future Trends yet, we encourage you do to so. Not only will you join other social media professionals, but you'll learn from members from all backgrounds about the future of business, media, science, etc.

Mike Clough asks, "How Important is Social Media in a Marketing Plan?"

Many businesses are struggling and asking for help. I know because I meet with them every week. Actually, it is not too surprising to find that entrepreneurs who are doing most of the work might have trouble seeing the forest for the trees. I listen to them as they tell me that what they used to do is no longer working. What does surprise me is their reaction when I bring up the subject of Web 2.0 marketing or social media. All too often I am told, “I don’t want to talk about that.”

Here are a few of the responses:

"Honestly, social media has been here for years. I have been on social networks since 1997. Its just that companies are just now looking at this medium strategically."

"Social Media is alive and kicking. We prove that on the personal side by using this platform (LinkedIn) every day."

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