M&Ms Racing Uses Colorful "Fanvocates" to Connect with NASCAR Fans

M&M's Racing launched "The Most Colorful Fan of NASCAR" contest. In an effort to bring the contest to life both online and offline, M&Ms Racing activated, "Fanvocates," and resulting content was syndicated throughout both TV, digital and social networking sites providing fans with a forum to connect, interact and showcase their passion for the sport through a variety of channels.

To learn more about this initiative, join Ryan Bowling, Director of Communications, MARS SNACKFOOD US as presents this case study at 12pm, May 4th at Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies 2010.

Ryan will discuss:
  • Multimedia exploration of how M&M's Racing and used word of mouth and social media efforts to connect with NASCAR fans
  • How social media programs excel faster with both online & offline components
  • The importance of leveraging PR and digital marketing to exceed in social media
Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies 2010


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