Sara Lee Launches Social Media Campaign for Moms

In a press release, Sara Lee Deli today launched its "Saga Solver" social media campaign designed to help moms simplify their lives.

The Saga Solver program will provide moms the chance to interact with three nationally-recognized "Saga Solvers" who will offer tips and advice on three distinct areas of focus: food preparation, helping mom get her kitchen and family schedules organized and family advice, all housed on Sara Lee Deli's Facebook page ( The program will also provide an update on the lives of the three Sara Lee Deli "Mama Saga" mamas, who originally appeared in satirical web-cam videos on Metacafe, Facebook and other video sharing sites. Since their launch in September, the videos have recorded 2.5 million online views.

As CPGs look to connect further with parents, are they correct in their focus to Moms? What about Dads, caregivers, etc? We'd like to hear your thoughts.

Learn more: Sara Lee Deli Launches 'Saga Solver' Social Media Campaign as Online Resource to Simplify Lives of Moms


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