Small businesses and social media - 5 ways to start now!

Mashable has a great article today on how small businesses can adopt the social media trends from younger generations to help their businesses. One main objection to social media is the lack of time; however, as David Stark points out "...people don’t realize how much time they’re wasting by sticking to the tools of the old guard. Think of how many e-mails you send out on a daily basis. How many phone calls you make. Well, social media can not only cut down on those time-sucks, but also help you connect to a wider group of people on a more personal level. Moreover, it’s a hell of a lot more fun to keep up a fan page complete with FAQs and videos than it is to answer 1,000 e-mails all related to the same issue." Good point.

Here are their top 5 trends to consider with social media:

  • Listen to Gossip
  • Share Content
  • Have an Attitude
  • Hang Out
  • Play Nice with Others
To learn more about these trends in detail, visit the Mashable article.

5 Teen Social Media Trends that Can Be Applied to Small Business

What other trends do you see that can help small businesses grow?


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