Social Media's impact on The World Cup

The social media landscape has changed drastically in the last four years. Now with more people joining the fray it's become a global phenomenon that can rival a much older phenomenon, The World Cup. Host of All Tech Considered, Omar Gallaga sat with Michele Norris to discuss how all of The World Cup chatter may stretch the limits of Twitter and Facebook. Listen to the broadcast here.

Below is an excerpt from their discussion:

NORRIS: Now, I wonder what this is doing to productivity in a lot of workplaces. What have the most popular sites done to prepare for this increase in traffic?

GALLAGA: Well, Twitter, in particular, had a lot of problems last week that were unrelated to the World Cup. They might've been kind of gearing up for it. But they warned their users that this kind of spike in traffic is probably going to cause problems. They're probably going to have some outages. Facebook has fared pretty well, but both sides are doing a lot to just get people talking.

Twitter introduced some hashtags, where if you type in World Cup, it will actually put a little soccer or a team flag on there. So they're definitely trying to get people talking. And Facebook is actually allowing people to comment with live video streams. So they're pairing up - kind of Facebook status updates with those live streams.

If you're a fan of The World Cup, have the outages or server errors kept you from discussing the sport?


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