Flashback Friday: Measure Up Podcast Series

In a new addition to our Flashback Friday series we are highlighting content from the 2010 Measure Up event to gear up for Measure Up 2011. Measure Up 2011, June 6-8 in Boston, MA will focus on return on investment (ROI) as it relates to online activities; specifically, Social Media.

Looking back at Measure Up 2010, we revisit our Measure Up Speaker Spotlight:

A 3-Tiered Model for Measuring Social Media Success and How Social Media Saved Pitney Bowes $300K – An Interview with Aneta Hall / Pitney Bowes-Part 2
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ROI of Social  Media Logo at In episode 1 of the interview with Aneta Hall / Emerging Media Manage at Pitney Bowes (PB) and a presenter at the 2010 MeasureUp Conference in Chicago in March, we talked about the need to develop a sustainable effort and a need to provide guidance to the staff that supports the interaction with customers, prospects and stakeholders.

PitneyBowes_Logo[1] In this episode, Aneta talks with Guy Powell and myself about how the elements of a relevant online strategy for PB includes traditional elements, like before social media came to onto the scene, but now it has changed many of the ways PB structures campaigns to their audience.

Play / Download Aneta Hall / Pitney Bowes Episode 2 Podcast Here
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