You’re Invited to the Integrated Marketing Measurement Event of the Year

"Measure Up is THE event for one-on-one conversation and knowledge sharing in the field of marketing measurement." - Aneta Hall, Emerging Media, Corporate Marketing, Pitney Bowes.

Come to this event to learn how to build your company's return on investment (ROI) as it relates to the integration of traditional, online and mobile activities; specifically social media. Marketing measurement has become a critical piece of profitability among industry leaders. Join Measure Up and learn how YOU can maintain your competitive advantage in a world of increased analytics.

Hear keynotes from:
• Jean Paul Isson, Vice President Global BI and Predictive Analytics, Monster Worldwide
• Kanishka Das, Associate Director, Consumer and Market Knowledge, Procter & Gamble
• Sean Bruich, Measurement & Insights Research, Monetization Analytics, Facebook, Inc.
• Lise Brende, Director of Marketing Analytics, Bing & MSN
• Duncan Houldsworth, Vice President, Analytics & Competitive Intelligence West Region, Time Warner Cable
• Amy Weisenbach, Senior Director, Tequila & Rum, Beam Global Spirits & Wine
• Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, Senior Director, Global Marketing Operations, Polycom, Inc.

Take a look at who's already signed up to attend:
AbsolutData Technologies * Ahold USA Retail * Beam Global Spirits & Wine * * Cisco * Conversation LLC * DemandROMI * Digital Influence Group * Do Something * E&J Gallo Winery * Empower Research * EmpowHER * Facebook * Foiled Cupcakes * GE Capital * Harrah's * Horizon Research Consultancy Group * Johnson & Johnson * Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University * Kirkland's * Location Based Marketing for Dummies * LoudDoor * Management Science Associates * Marketing Operations Works * MarketingNPV * Mastercard Worldwide * Microsoft * Midwest Energy * Monster Worldwide * Moreover Technologies * MSN Bing * Polycom, Inc. * Post Foods * Procter & Gamble * ProfitStreams * Radian6 * Redpepper * SABMiller PLC * Sanofi Aventis * Shell * Shire * SLN Inc. *
Social Media Group * Time Warner Cable * TiVo * United Federal Credit Union * UPMC Health Plan Inc. * Verizon * VisionEdge Marketing

We hope to see you in Boston this June! Register with code MEASURE11BLOG for 15% off the standard rate. Register here.

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