Trivia Tuesday: Win a Copy of ROI of Social Media

Interested in Marketing Measurement Analytics? The 2011 Measure Up conference is structured around integrating many fractured pieces of measurement analytics into one effective marketing strategy. Download the brochure to learn more.

If you're looking for an additional resource on this topic, consider the newly released book ROI of Social Media By Guy R. Powell, Steven W. Groves and Jerry Dimos. We have a free copy of the book to give away to a reader who correctly answers the following trivia question and comments with the answer below or tweets it to us @MeasureUpIIR. A winner will be chosen randomly from all correct answers.

What are the three takeaways Lise Brende, Director of Marketing Analytics, Bing & MSN will be discussing in her Keynote presentation on 360 Marketing Accountability?

*Hint – this can only be found in the downloadable brochure!
Comment below with your answer and an email address we can reach you at if you win.


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1 comment:

Rachel said...

1. How to tie social media data to ROI
2. How and when to get buy-in from the organization
3. And, the value of measuring your brand