A Look Back: Top Content of 2012

We're about to step away from the keyboard for a bit here at the Digital Impact Blog to have an unmediated holiday season. I'm not sure that I agree that "Google [is] Making Us Stupid," but taking time away from normal activities has been shown repeatedly to increase creativity. Most recently, researchers at the University of Kansas and University of Utah tell us all to go take a hike.

In the meantime, December is the time for year end best-of lists and reflection. As our official "look back," here are our top 5 posts from 2012. Browse through and see what you may have missed during a busy year, and as always, let us know what you think!

Our number one most popular post in 2012 was the announcement of our webinar with Jeffrey Hayzlett,"Driving Change with Mobile Marketing Strategies." If you missed it, catch the recorded webinar here.

Also popular from our coverage of The Mobile Marketing Conference was "What's your Digital IQ?" featuring 5 digital brand predictions for 2012.

Rounding up the list are: a feature on Gilt Groupe, our "Community Manager Appreciation Day" post and the recap of our Mobile Marketing expert panel featuring Carrie Chitsey, CEO, 3Seventy, Joseph Cox, President, VMBC and Brent Drake, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Best Fit Mobile & Marketing.

What were your favorite posts from this year?

To submit guest posts or content ideas for 2013, you can contact me, Michelle LeBlanc, at

Happy holidays from the Digital Impact Blog team!

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing.


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