Why are businesses still hesitant to adopt mobile?

Last March at the Mobile Marketing Conference, we heard from leaders in a variety of industries; healthcare, travel, and retail to name a few. In June 2012, Mashable reported that the restaurant industry was leading in mobile adoption.

"DudaMobile [found that] restaurants and food services from pizzerias and bakeries to food trucks take 28% of the total percentage of small to medium-sized businesses that have a mobile-friendly site.
This category is far more advanced than other industries looking to reach out to smartphone users, including professional services such as locksmiths and attorneys (16%), health and wellness including spas and salons (10%), travel and tourism such as hotels (8%) and automobile/transportation (6%). Retailer was number six on the list (5%) for small to medium-sized businesses."
Given the frequently local nature of mobile search, it makes sense for restaurants to immediately see the benefit of mobile adoption. Yet these numbers still seem extremely low across the board given that "there are now more than 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide." Are companies not feeling the pressure to innovate on mobile?

This morning, in an article about the legality of cab-hailing apps like Uber, Daniel Sperling, a professor of civil engineering and environmental science and policy at the University of California, Davis, and director of its Institute of Transportation Studies was quoted as saying:
“Transportation has been one of the least innovative sectors in our society...When I look at these new mobility companies coming, where they’re using information and communication technology, at a very high level it’s long overdue and should be embraced with open arms.”
From my point of view, yes, it is long overdue, and not just amongst transportation, but across industries. So why is mobile adoption amongst businesses so slow in coming? We've seen time and again the value of mobile across industries: why are businesses still so hesitant to adopt mobile?

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