Nate Silver Shares His Insights into Reliable Forecasting & Data-Based Predictions

Last month, Nate Silver, Founder, and Author, The Signal and The Noise,  made history as he used innovative analyses of political polling to predict the winner of the presidential election.

And now we welcome him to the speaker faculty of The Future of Consumer Intelligence.

As Nate has proven, it's not about looking to see what happened, it's about predicting what will happen in the future. It's about delivering foresight, not just insight. It's about connecting ideas to data to culture to the future of your business and this, is the real data revolution.

Nate Silver
Nate will share insights into data-based predictions that underpin a growing sector of critical fields, from political polling and hurricane watches to the stock market and even the war on terror.

That means it's important to ask - what kind of predictions can we trust? What methods do the most reliable forecasters use? What sorts of things can be predicted - and what can't? 

Nate will take us on a tour of modern prediction science, uncovering a surprising connection among humility, uncertainty and good results.

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The Future of Consumer Intelligence unites the industry's most forward-thinking leaders to share insights, tools and skills needed to translate behavioral information into business opportunity. Hear best practices from: FedEx, General Motors, Harrah's Entertainment, Intel, Logitech, Mastercard, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and more.

The Future of Consumer Intelligence 2013 is still in development - stay tuned in the next few weeks as we reveal the full agenda.

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