Getting through with social media

Social media is still a relatively new concept, and most people have no idea what it actually does and what the benefits can be when using these tools for your business. Beth Dunn at Small Dots wrote recently about adopting social media for a non-profit business. Read the article here. She brought up four very important points about jumping into social media.

-Tackle something with social media that old methods can’t seem to touch
Ask yourself who you want to come to your page, and then find out what they’re already doing on the web.

-Put your policies on paper first
Things change on the web, so be prepared. A company should plan out your procedures before you jump head first into social media.

-Remember you’re on the same team
Many people working in companies don’t understand the concepts of social media. Work with them and don’t be discouraged when they aren’t jumping for social media ideas.


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Steve Nimmons said...

I would also say push hard on the idea 'that collaboration is king' and that 'information is power' is old thinking stifling corporate and personal development.