GNIP Offers Service to Increase Efficiency

This blog post discusses a new company, GNIP, which is helping to solve the problem of delay in viewing content that many consumers have with sites such as MyBlogLog. While the goal is to make life more efficient for the end consumer, GNIP, is selling to companies that could utilize their product, so there is no need for the individual to sign up. This article in TechCrunch describes the service best:

Gnip isn’t a consumer service. Rather, it’s designed to sit in between social networks and other web services that produce a lot of user content and data (like Digg, Delicious, Flickr, etc.) and data consumers (like Plaxo, SocialThing, MyBlogLog, etc.) with the express goal of reducing API load and making the services more efficient.

Other new services that GNIP is planning to launch, as mentioned in this article from ReadWriteWeb, include: Protocol switching to translate XMPP/Jabber into RSS feeds, standardized metadata which creates the opportunity for interoperability, and identity discovery to allow users to see where else their usernames and emails are being used.


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