Daily Beauty adds experts to team of professional bloggers

Daily Beauty, the popular website that offers beauty information has added Beauty Bloggerati. This new group of bloggers features a team of experts who focus on make up, skin care, hair styles, hair care, green beauty, weddings, travel and mom beauty.

Jeannette McClennan, CEO, Daily Makeover commented:
“The Beauty Bloggerati will expand our beauty knowledge base, enrich the online dialogue and offer our community members the latest trends and advice from experts across the country. This isn’t simply another beauty network. We’ve hand selected 13 beauty and fashion bloggers to join after conducting an extensive search, which included their content, traffic and online ratings from various outlets. Not only will the Daily Makeover Beauty Bloggerati enhance our members online experience, but it offers a channel for these experts to extend their exposure and stand-out in the blogosphere.”

Source: Business Wire


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