NYTimes Appoints Social Media Editor

The New York Times's has social media editor, Jennifer Preston (NYT_JenPreston). The newly appointed position seems to be an attempt by the old media stalwart to embrace the changing tide (if not a little late) of social media and its impact on news. According to MediaPost, It's nice to sit back and think, well, maybe the paper is trying to embrace social media, taking the view that it needs to run with the bulls or be trampled -- no matter how debased it might make the Gray Lady seem. But the truth is, that the move is probably damage control on a few fronts. First, the reporters and writers were already out there tweeting away. The Guardian, on Ms.Preston's experience says, Preston has impressive experience in traditional journalism both as a reporter and editor, most recently heading up the Times' regional weekly sections. However, while her profile and experience internally at the Times might be high, she has almost no profile in social media journalism circles.

As a social media professional, what do you think Preston's appointment will mean for new and old media?


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