Keynote: Identify Across Communities - Tools for Making it Real

Our next presentation is from Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman, user-centric online identity expert,, Chief Process Officer, Process Geeks, She is also co-founder, co-producer, and facilitator of

Kaliya is discussing the work from the InternetIdentityWorshop that has is focusing on the need to create standards for users to have fewer or ideally a single portable identity online. She's briefly explaining the nature of OpenID and it's use on websites. The goal is to create this single manageable account that can be used to access other sites online regardless of their primary registration form.

Next, she's looking at OAuth, a secure protocol that through their authentication process allows users to share their online content across sites. This data link is far more secure and minimizes the potential for phishing since currently many sites require passwords to be used in content importation requests to other sites.

Finally, Kaliya shares some details from the Higgins Project which has developed Information Cards and Selectors. Through a desktop application, information cards can be created or issued that allows users to select specific account detail to be utilized on a particular website. Using such mechanism, sites can create different levels of access and unique user experiences on their sites based on these cards.


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