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Following us on Twitter? No? Following those twittering from the conference? No??

Well just take a look at the great conversations going on:

  • chrisramsey: CEO of yammer rockn the house at community 2.0, talking about the dreaded "reply all" email #c20

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    EarthTimesPR: Joe Cothrel of Lithium Technologies to Present at the Community 2.0 Conference (expand)

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    jasonjharrison: At Community 2.0 in SF - amazing stuff from Andrew Rasiej about tech in Govt - elected officials generally clueless. Wow.

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    mlees: Andrew Rasiej of Personal Democracy Forum giving keynote at Community 2.0. Eye-opening take on politics, education, technology. (#C20)

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    gregtjoy: #C20 At Community 2.0 Andrew Rasiej is keynote discussing social media in politics. My take? we need a new group or representatives

  • Jacqueline_headshot
    JacquelineSacks: At the community 2.0 conference in San Fran. David is about to speak.


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