Day 2 Keynote: Bringing Our Own Dial Tone

Our first presentation on the second day of our 2009 Community 2.0 conference, is given by Chris Brogan, Co-Founder, PodCamp, President, New Marketing Labs.

He begins by looking at the Obama presidential campaign and the realization they came to that gave them an advantage was the determination that the public is no longer anchored to their land line phones. The difficulty is finding people, they've become 'nomadic' and finding where they are connected is critical not only in terms of politics put for corporations as well.

Now the public is increasingly disconnected from traditional technology and communication channels, they deal with less and less time to review each communication; time has become a scarce commodity, so the need to engage in appropriate communication through the mechanisms the public prefers and will use is essential.

The changes that corporations are facing means it's necessary for them to move outside of the silos of traditional thinking and focus on 'rogue' thinking, in order to embrace the disruptive and the chaos that will help a company survive in this current economic crisis.

Companies need to create bridges, rather than creating communities and dialogues as islands, encapsulated within their brand hierarchy and expectations, and instead focus on true engagement with the public.

As this occurs then the focus cannot be on the tools/technologies, instead its about empowering the people where, how and when they want, rather than simply implementing new tools to the the tools around the people and their desire to have real relationships.

Of course, while many companies are increasingly interested in creating communities, its important to focus on actual goals that are continuously reviewed and analyzed to meet the changing needs of the community.

Too often, companies are quick to stifle the natural creativity and enthusiasm that erupts naturally around their brands and IP. Rather than focusing on sending the cease and desist, companies should empower their customers to take these ideas further than where the company could take them.

If you missed the conversation, here are some tweets during Chris' presentation:
  1. Lee AaseLeeAase#c20 @ChrisBrogan says most of the cost of social media/community is sweat equity. It is the law of the farm, you reap what you sow.
  2. Lee AaseLeeAase@ChrisBrogan #c20 Not everything "scales" - some things reproduce
  3. Lee AaseLeeAase#c20 @ChrisBrogan: You need to be multidisciplinary, Not one-dimensional; I agree & did a post about this idea
  4. Connie Bensencbensenfollow @ChrisBrogan live from Community 2.0 #c20
  5. Lee AaseLeeAase#c20 @chrisbrogan says PR is dead. "For Immediate Release" means "For Immediate Deletion." We don't have time to read full emails anymore
  6. Lee AaseLeeAase@chrisbrogan says the 24-hour response time for PR is dead. At most you have a few hours.
  7. Lee AaseLeeAase#c20 Listen and acknowledge. "Listening is the new black." - @chrisbrogan
  8. Lee AaseLeeAase#c20 Give your ideas handles, says @chrisbrogan. If you're going to put video on your site, give people tools to share.



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