Apple gets social with Ping launch

iTunes users who download the latest version of the software, released on Wednesday, will notice that their experience has become more social. Debuting Ping at the Apple press conference, Steve Jobs announced that users will be able to follow friends and see what music they have bought or enjoyed, what concerts they plan to attend and what music they have reviewed. They will also be able to follow bands and get updates on their new releases, concert tours and other events, reports The New York Times. Jobs said Ping would have simple privacy controls. Anyone will be able to follow bands and receive their updates, and users will be able to say whether they want to be followed by anyone or only by people they approve.

This news, some analysts say, is not an assault on Facebook but one on MySpace which has pushed to the forefront of its social network. It becomes another move by Apple to compete with Google who is quickly acquiring start-ups for its speculated social network launch.

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