Making a profit from social media

Most of us don't have the ability to buy Twitter; however, we can responsibly invest in social media and see returns. Hilary Kramer of writes that there are investing opportunities that can yield big investment gains from the social media networking world. Persons can invest in public companies that have bought some of these fast-growing social media pure plays and are building and investing themselves in related businesses and public companies that stand to benefit from the explosive rise in social media-driven traffic, ever increasing time spent online and changing online behaviors. Hilary offers 12 Social Media Stocks to ride this changing wave of consumer adoption of social media.

As more and more people not only invest their time but invest their money in social media, will we see a shift in the way social media is used? From sharing personal photos to targeted ads based on social media behavior - what's next?

Let us know what you think of investing in social media. What stocks or companies are particularly fascinating to you?


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