Facebook rolls out "Subscribe" feature

You'll soon be able to follow, wait, subscribe to your friends on Facebook. The new feature will enable Facebook users to follow the friends that they already have on the network but receive separate alerts when the friends they subscribe to have updates. According to TechCrunch, Facebook had a secret project last year that involved testing how best to implement a Twitter-like follow feature on Facebook, multiple sources have confirmed to TechCrunch. The name of the project? Project Dance Party. The project, er "party," was scrapped and now Facebook has a subscribe feature. According to MG Siegler, Facebook already has a follow feature in place right now — it’s just that most people have no idea it exists, because Facebook doesn’t talk about it. Currently, if you request to be someone’s friend, and they keep you in their queue (meaning they never accept or reject you), you will see all of their public updates in your News Feed.

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