On to the next one - Google acquires SocialDeck

The giant has acquired yet another social media start-up, SocialDeck. writes, Founded in 2008 by COO Anish Acharya and CTO Jeson Patel, SocialDeck creates Facebook, iPhone and BlackBerry titles enabling simultaneous play across multiple devices and social networks--the firm's platform technology also facilitates viral content discovery, distribution and monetization. Just this week Google acquired Angströ, a start-up dedicated to building applications that integrate with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Wide speculation abounds that Google is set to roll out its own social network in the near future. writes, Perhaps the acquisition of SocialDeck shows the direction in which Google wants to go with its rumored new gaming service--games that work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices, that is. The WSJ reports that the companies in talks include Playdom Inc., EA's Playfish, and Zynga.

What do you think is next for Google? Will we see a social network soon?


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