Friendster's Facelift and Rumored Sale

Late last week there were rumors that the once wildly popular social network, Friendster, will soon be sold for a reported $100M. The social network, popular with 16-24 year olds in Southeast Asia has recently undergone a site transformation, perhaps prepping it for the big sale. reports, "We've responded to the needs and wants of our core user base, Asian youth," said Friendster spokesman Jeff Roberto. "Friendster is dominant among the youth sector in Asia, and today, Asia represents the largest and fastest growing Internet and mobile phone user populations in the world."

Roberto would not comment on a Reuters story that Friendster will be sold by the end of the year for more than $100 million to a firm based in Asia.

He said there were "inaccuracies'' in the story, but declined to comment further citing company policy. CEO Richard Kimber told The Chronicle in October that Friendster hoped to find a "strategic partner'' by the end of this year.

Learn more: Friendster undergoes "green" facelift, reported close to sale


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