Twitter, Facebook, Google Go Red for World AIDS Day

Today is World Aids Day, and popular social networks have shown their support by going "red" in remembrance of the individuals lost to this deadly disease. Mashable writes, the Twitterhomepage has turned red, but you can also help out by adding the hashtag #red to the end of your tweets, which will make them turn (literally) red. It also works with the hashtag #laceupsavelives, which is a part of Nike’s campaign, promoting their new product: RED laces, designed to fight AIDS in Africa. Follow to learn more and support the cause.

There’s also a campaign on Facebook over at; share the (RED) video and make your profile picture (RED) if you’d like to raise awareness about this campaign.

Google has added a link to its homepage with information on how you can help and join the various campaigns related to the World AIDS day.

Twitter, Facebook, Google Go Red for World AIDS Day

Do you think that this social media response will help spur awareness of AIDS?


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